How It Works

Big Mouth Parcel® meets the needs of the final step of last mile delivery, with an affordable suite of secure parcel storage/drop units.


Big Mouth Parcel® will come in a universal kit and can be assembled in either a horizontal or vertical configuration, with a lockable retrieval door for parcel removal. No access code required for deliveries with our drop box design!


Big Mouth Parcel® meets the needs of the final step of last mile delivery with an affordable suite of secure parcel/product storage units. Big Mouth Parcel’s® patented design will accommodate larger package sizes while maintaining a modest 2’ X 4’ footprint.

Optional accessories:

  •  Field installable sensors to alert homeowner of package delivery
  •  Field installable thermal lining for frequent grocery/meal delivery consumers
  •  Outgoing package smart lock scanning of GS1 logistics labeling

For the supply chain Big Mouth Parcel® will mitigate risk and exposure to package/product theft. Deliveries left exposed on residential porches for hours a day creates an environment for “porch piracy” escalating during the Holiday season.

Deliveries left in the Big Mouth Parcel® solve the threat with an out of sight out of mind solution for parcel delivery. Big Mouth Parcel® placards at the residence’s doors will advise drivers of the storage unit and porch location. 

risk management and BMP

Risk management leadership will recognize the potential of policy savings with incremental field adoption of Big Mouth Parcel® storage units.

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