Big Mouth Parcel®


Big Mouth Parcel® is being launched to meet the residential needs of secure package/product deliveries at an affordable price point. 

The Big Mouth Parcel® Story

By 2023, projected worldwide retail ecommerce sales will total $6.169 trillion and make up a 22.3% share of total retail sales, up from $3.351 trillion and 13.8% in 2019 (Insider Intelligence / eMarketer).

UPS delivered approximately 5.3 billion packages in 2021, while FedEx ~4.2 billion, and Amazon ~8.4 billion (Pitney Bowes) or ~ 18 billion combined!

The convenience of point and click shopping with products delivered directly to your door step overall has been embraced overwhelmingly except for one caveat: security.  The “last mile” historically has been a challenge for supply chain service providers and is now compounded by an ever increasing volume. The security challenge resides in these deliveries left sitting on residential porches exposed to theft and weather.

Big Mouth Parcel® meets the needs of the final step of last mile delivery with an affordable suite of secure parcel/product storage units. Big Mouth Parcel’s® patented design will accommodate larger package sizes while maintaining a modest 2’ X 4’ footprint. 

Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Delivery

We know the trepidation you feel tracking your package while it is out for delivery. Your are thinking: "Will it arrive before I get home? What happens if the delivery man leaves it in plain sight?"

Possibly you purchase products online frequently and may have encountered a porch pirate before. Big Mouth Parcel® provides the peace of mind option of knowing their purchases can be delivered to their front door, without worrying about potential theft or exposure to the weather. No need to redirect scheduled parcel deliveries or adjust your schedule to be home to receive them. 

Patented* Design Keeps Your Packages Secure

Deliveries of all sizes will be safe. The Big Mouth Parcel® design accommodates larger package/product sizes while maintaining a modest 2’ X 4’ footprint on your porch.

Covered by:

US Patent No. 10251503